Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When you think about "car insurance" you probably think about "the car" and not the damage that the car can do to someone or something else. In reality, Car Insurance is much more than just something to "fix your Car"!

Here are a couple of "real-life" situations:

1. Driver A (20 year old male) had an accident that left the other party to an accident "paralyzed". He was insured. But, after his policy paid its "limits"; he ended up with a lawsuit because he was "underinsured". The other party ended up winning and he ended up with a judgement against him that was "bankruptcy proof". In other words; he could not get rid of it through bankruptcy.

They ended up garnishing his wages and he will probably ending up paying damages until he is in his 40s. That's what too little liability insurance can do to you!

Do you know what coverages you actually have in your policy?

Do you know what you SHOULD have?

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